Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thursday's thrill

Hot of the press, an exciting piece of news about my writing!

Recently I have been involved with a new playwrights' group within the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham, led by the very brilliant Paul Milton. The Everyman Theatre has a varied and interesting repertoire, ranging from large production crowd-pleasers on the main stage right through to more avant garde work in their Studio space. In the last week of October, the theatre will be the host to Touring Consortium Theatre Company and their highly acclaimed new production 'Regeneration', adapted from a book by Pat Barker.

Touring Consortium Theatre Company decided to ran a competition for a 10-minute play loosely based on the themes from 'Regeneration' - to save you Googling what those might be, I will give you a rough idea: the main themes are around war, masculinity, personal change and rebirth (hence: Regeneration) and so forth. The aim of the competition was to select 3 winning plays for a script-in-hand performance at the Everyman Theatre, by the professional actors from Touring Consortium, after the main show on Friday 24th October.

You can see where I am going with this....yes, my play has been selected!

There isn't really much to elaborate on because, for once, my feelings are straight forward and uncomplicated - joy, pride, happiness. It was not necessarily a huge competition in terms of the number of original entries (as it involved local rather than national writers), but it is wonderful in that my text will be performed not just by professional actors but by some of the best loved and most respected actors in the country - one look at the cast credentials for 'Regeneration' reveals that they have worked in some of the greatest theatres in the UK, from the RSC to the National to the Royal Exchange and dozens of others.

All that remains is to invite you along - if you love theatre, and live locally, come and join us on Friday 24th October for a night of great drama and some ambitious new writing. See you in the audience!


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