Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sundays, birthdays, days of our lives

Our little man is two. It was a fun day, filled with lots of children, laughter, noise and an incredible amount of emotion. You try to capture it on camera, but of course, you can't. In the years to come, the memory will fill the gaps in the photos - ah, this is where he didn't want his picture taken, this is where he was starting to get tired, Ana here seems quite cross that none of the presents are for her - and the photos will also start to fill the gaps in our failing memory.

Days like this always make me think about life; the big picture; the future and what we can take into it from today. I love to think about my children growing up because it is only through growth and change that they can actualise their potential, and truly live their life. I also cannot wait to see the people they grow into. At every age, already, they fascinate me with their unique and developing personalities. I guess this will multiply a hundred-fold in the years to come. Their lives will gain momentum as they move from childhood into independence, changing their relationship with me and Wayne in the process. But I am not scared of that.

The only thing that scares me, when I think of birthdays and celebrations and special days and yes even the most ordinary days of our lives, is that I may not be present enough to really feel them - that I may not be here, now, in the only moment that matters. It is so easy to get carried away with everything else that's competing for our attention, to forget about breathing, stopping, observing where we are.

I try to remind myself of this, as I stand there with my camera, trying to get that perfect angle, perfect shot. Life is not behind the lense. Life is happening right in front of me. In trying to capture memories for the future, I mustn't forget to enjoy the right now.

I remind myself to join the flow. Embrace all of it, without judgement. There is a vast space inside each moment, if you allow it. It only seems brief if you rush it. Mindful of its importance, we can move into the future richer for purpose and meaning that comes from simply being alive.

Happy birthday Sacha.


  1. tako lagano pišeš...i konstatujem da mi je samo jezik zarđao,ali za čitanje nisam morala da angažujem prevodioca...i...imam utisak kao da učestvujem u događaju...podržavam te i volim
    tvoja Čarli

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