Thursday, 1 January 2015

What makes a year? More than just the obvious...

2014 was one of those years when everything comes together, "all ducks in a row" as a friend of mine says. We had two great holidays, spent a sunny month in Serbia, moved into a new house, spent beautiful summer weekends with many different friends who visited us in Cheltenham, in the autumn I started a Masters degree, saw my play on stage and I'm a quarter of a way through writing a book. Our babies became little people, full of charm and personality. My husband enjoyed his work and turned forty in better health and shape than ever. I started to think of myself as a writer, and wrote more productively than ever before in my life. A good year, then.

Or, I could take it back to basics, and say this: we were all healthy and enjoyed the full use of our bodies, our limbs, our minds. The immediate world around us was peaceful, there were no bombs, no wars, no earthquakes, no floods. Every time we turned the taps on, clean water came gushing out. Every time we flicked a switch, there was light, heat. There was always fresh fruit on the table and our cupboards were full of food. An awesome year, then.

Or, I could strip it down even further, and say this: we were all lucky enough to be born, a product of endless years of evolution, each one of our ancestors able to attract a mate and living long enough to procreate, a small miracle in itself. In a universe of random events and uncertain fate, for us, for now, life won the battle. Atoms and molecules bumping into each other in empty vastness, somehow creating us, living breathing people capable of thinking, memories, love. An incredible year, then.

Every time I think of life, I think of how amazing it is to be alive. To be here, right now, with Ana and Sacha asleep upstairs in their quiet bedrooms, while I'm studying, writing, reading, working out what worlds I want to create in my stories and for my children.

I hope 2015 brings you health, happiness and peace.


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