Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A POEM FOR ANA (from 2011)

Love Begins

 This is where love begins.
I will not move until it hurts
I do not care if muscle burns,
All of me take now and keep.
A child’s mouth is on my breast
Her eyes are closed in sweet rest
I will not disturb her sleep.

Tremble, arms, under her weight!
This precious weight of silk and gold
Precious weight, life yet untold
My child, my child - my heart unfolds!
On my breast she is a-dream.
My breath on her breath depends.
I will not move ‘till her dream ends.

I will not move, I will not rise
Nor look away from treasured face.
Her future not here yet, and now
This is the only time and place
I have to love her.
So hold my breath, and set my pace
I won’t disturb her embrace.

The night is silent - the air is dark
And midnight hour is now long past.
When angel eyes open at last
And in a smile her lips part
I will remember my life’s task
To fill this universe with my heart.

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