Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Extract from "Jealous Moon Above Serbia"

In autumn, Serbia smells of roasted red peppers. All over the country, Serbian women are preparing food for the winter. The weather is still very mild and the windows of Serbia are open, allowing the smell of peppers to escape. You can tell the season, and the time of day by it.

In the morning, people rush to work. They buy pastries and yoghurt, spread home made jam on slices of bread. In the afternoon, they are back home and eat lunch with their families. They talk about their day, about politics. Often they talk about prices. Parents talk freely in front of children. Children have a vague notion of the word “economising”. They eat, they rest, they watch the afternoon movie on the television.

In early sunset, when the heat of the day has passed somewhat, the red peppers, colourful and full of flavour like the land itself, fill the ovens of Serbia and the smell of roasting invades the streets. 

One can tell with eyes closed that it’s autumn in Serbia, and early evening, basking in golden light.

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